Journeys in Germany: Coffee, Kaffee-All things Caffeine

An outlook shown through short stories about food, culture, travel and humor.


Hey Starbucks fans-be prepared to pay $$$ for your coffee. Starbucks isn’t so much a thing as it is in the U.S. It will not be found on every corner and you might have to actually drive to one (the horror!). It will be more $$$ (in this case I love it so much I don’t care about the price). Looking for an alternative? Good luck. The Germans love their coffee black and strong..maybe with a bit of milk and sugar, but no syrups. No pumpkin spice, caramel...the list goes on. I truly miss these as that’s what makes my coffee taste good. Only good thing…less sugar!

Eiskaffee, No, Not “Iced Coffee”

So I lied a bit..the Germans do not always drink their coffee plain. They have this magnificent thing called Eiskaffee. No, not iced coffee, which is chilled coffee. It’s ice cream in coffee!! I don’t know why Starbucks didn’t think of this sooner…they seriously could be making some good money off of this idea right now. Oh well, the Germans created this amazing thing. You can have the best of both-get your caffeine and sugar fix in one. The Italians have their own too, the affogato. Simply ask for an Eiskaffee next time you’re at a cafe and you’ll be presented with a large cup of hot coffee, with 1–2 scoops of ice cream on top, with whipped cream (some places also let you choose the flavor of the ice cream, but standard is vanilla ice cream).

Native Californian traveling Europe and discovering all it has to offer.